Computers operate on the basis of two digits: naught and one. Now you can, too! This simple yet elegant binary watch shows the current system time in binary code. Ideal as a screen saver or to show off in front of your IT colleagues.

This binary watch for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is exactly the right application for all geeks, the extravagant and privileged. Receive curious looks and be the centre of attention. But you will have to keep in mind that most won‘t understand the principle behind this watch… Never mind, not everyone is destined to be a geek ;)

  • Binary watch features

    • full retina display support
    • universal: works both on iPhone/iPod touch and iPad
    • works in portrait and landscape mode
    • 2 beautiful colour themes
    • dark theme with disabled seconds display
    • 2 different binary watchs
    • settings will be saved by the application
  • How to read a binary watch

    A binary watch displays the decimal watch in binary code. Values such as 10 become 10 (first column) 0000 (second column). There are two states for the display of a digit: 1 (on) and 0 (off). Therefore the time of a binary watch can be read as follows:

    The first binary watch consists of 6 columns. The hours, minutes and seconds therefore consist 2 columns each. The hours show on the left hand side, whereas the first column represents the tens digit and the second column represents the ones digit. Within each column you need to add from bottom to top. The first (lowest) value is a 1 (2^0), the second value is a 2 (2¹), the third value is a 4 (2²), the fourth value is an 8 (2³). In order to receive the correct hour, you only need to add all active values, whereas inactive values count as 0. A 0111 (from bottom to top) therefore represents the number 14, 1010 represents the number 5 and 0001 represents the number 8.

    The alternative view contains more values per column, therefore requiring only one column for hours, minutes and seconds respectively. The counting principle however remains the same.


If you encounter any issues with Binary Watch HD, please send us an email. You can find our email address in the contact area on our website.

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